Wedding Movie Wednesday! 80s Teen Comedy – Sixteen Candles

Feeling irritated by your sisters? Sorority, soul or otherwise? Whether you’re the bride or the maid, a night with this classic 80s John Hughes comedy, will loosen everyone up. Have an 80’s themed sleep-over to screen Sixteen Candles: the perfect presentation of teen angst about boys, turning 16, and being a bridesmaid. And just you try not to melt a little, deep in your 14 year old heart, over Michael Schoeffling. (Good luck with that.)

Sixteen Candles

Wedding Movie Wednesday: Classic Comedy -The Princess Bride

Cover of 20th Anniversary Edition

Cover of 20th Anniversary Edition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As any bride or event planner knows, the process of planning a wedding can get stressful. What’s a good escape? A fun movie, and why not one with a fairytale wedding? We came across The Princess Bride on cable the other night and it’s a perfect antidote to real world stress, wedding related or otherwise. A few belly laughs and you’re back on the road to happily ever after.

Happy viewing.

Be well and love well.


Wedding Movies, Take 1? Take 2? Take as many as you can before Valentine’s Day

It’s the season when Hollywood breaks out the movies to bring on that itch to get married.  Coincidence that most engagements take place between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and that there’s usually a matching break-out bunch of rom-coms featuring diamond sparklers and lacy veils around the same time? Maybe, but I don’t think so.  Here are a few of the Wedding themed films/TV entertainment coming out this December:

The Big Wedding – this one looks like it might be a Big Hit!

  • Cheerful Weather For The Wedding  – a “will she or won’t she?” set in 1930s England
  • The “Royal Pains” Wedding Episode – a 2 hour extended episode of your fave handsome MD in The Hamptons’ adventures
  • The Big Wedding – a star studded (we’re talking Robert DeNiro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon and a slate of young guns too) remake of a French wedding comedy about a not-so-happy couple keeping up appearances at their son’s wedding.

There are certainly more.  Keep your eyes peeled for dresses, bouquets and other ideas that spin your wheels. Hollywood wedding inspiration, take 1!

Be well, and love well.