First Comes The Wedding, Then Come The Babies!

The shop buzzed last week with happy news of baby girls born to three of our 2012 wedding couples! We are thrilled to share their joy as their families grow.

We talk a lot about developing relationships with the couples whose weddings we design and/or plan. We don’t believe in the “leave a wedding at the beep” style of customer service.  We do believe in making weddings special, and in the process, we grow fond of the people involved.  Sometimes, it almost feels like family. That’s why I wasn’t at all surprised to get an email from Gregory about the birth of the babies.  “Dinah!” he wrote. “We’re Uncles!” 2012.10 wedding cake table

Be well, and love well.  And welcome to the world to three beautiful baby girls!


What Wedding Problems Drive Planners Crazy?

Biz Bash, an event industry trade paper, recently ran a piece on what drives PR and corporate planners crazy at parties they attend.  Amy Sacco, founding partner and creative director, LDV Hospitality Nightlife, listed four points, three of which translated so well into wedding world, I had to share. Today, we cover Amy Sacco’s irritant number one* in the next few days, on to the next two.

When events are pitched as intimate or exclusive and then you find guests’ assistants there

 It doesn’t take a lot of creativity to translate this one into the wedding experience.

A couple explains their tiny, intimate wedding and matching brutally small head count. The venue only holds so many people, or there are budget issues, and that’s why the guest list is so lean, and you can’t bring your fiancé. Apologies are made, and tears are shed.

Who's coming?

Who’s coming?

Your tears dry pretty quickly, though, on wedding day when you’re seated with the bride’s sister’s boyfriend’s mother.  You think I’m kidding don’t you?  This happened to me.  The bride’s sister-in-law’s brother and her parents were there too.  My boyfriend of three years sat at home.  The upshot? I had a crappy time at that wedding, and remember it as an unpleasant experience to this day.

Wedding Paper Divas Wedding Day Needs - Programs, Menus, and more

The Fix:

Guest List Diplomacy. Think a little before you cross someone off or decide on your “plus ones.”  You could be changing a dear friend or relative’s experience of your wedding completely for the benefit of your father’s chiropractor.  This is your day, but do you want people to remember it as a miserable one?  Probably not.

Stay tuned for Amy’s next pet peeve, how it pertains to wedding planning, and how to avoid it!

Live well, and love well.


*Note. Amy’s Biz Bash quote started with this:

“I loathe the following, in no particular order…”  ergo this party fail is no more or less loathed than the others we will cover in the days to come.

Who Walks The Bride Down The Aisle? You Get To Pick!

Father’s Day brings walking down the aisle to a wedding planner’s mind. But some brides want a non-traditional ceremony entrance. Here are three suggestions for anyone who is looking for aisle traveling companions for their wedding:

  • Your Mom. She’s been there from the very beginning, loves you like crazy, and will be thrilled to be asked.
  • Your 2nd Favorite Man. Ranked just below the ring-bearing hunk, chances are there’s an uncle, cousin or best friend in your life that you’d love to have with you on that special stroll.
  • Your fabulous self! Trust us- you’re going to be radiant, and perfectly capable of coming down that aisle


In the Jewish tradition, both parents walk the bride down the aisle.  Photo by Super 8 Girl

In the Jewish tradition, both parents walk down the aisle. Photo by Super 8 Girl