What’s Love Got to Do With It? Getting to the heart of your wedding.

Tina Turner is, obviously not a wedding professional.  We in the business of sending brides down perfectly designed aisles know what Love has to do with it and yes I will be using a capital L because Love is not to be trifled with where brides are concerned.  Love, is essential to weddings, and not just in the painfully obvious way that first comes to mind; vows and eternity-  we’ve gotten that memo. There’s other Love in the air during the planning process.  All that running around looking at invitations and tasting cakes and other ways brides work on their weddings? It’s for those they Love.  They want to throw one heck of a party – for all of you.  Tying 150 tiny bows on favor boxes ? How could that be anything but Love?
On the big day: we wedding professionals get the backstage view, but so can wedding guests if you look hard enough. The Love is best captured in between the big “moments.” Sure you want to catch the cake cutting and the first dance. But also look for the bride’s Mom bustling her gown – the two of them full of excitement. Love. Or the groom’s brother bringing a flash of their childhood mischief to a photo shoot – Love.  The My Little Flower Shop Design Team and their assistants smiling proudly at the end of a job well done-  that’s a whole lot of Love.
Weddings are wild crazy rollercoaster rides that brides get off. They breathe deeply and move on with their new lives.  Wedding Professionals, for our part,  stay on the platform; eagerly awaiting the next go-round. We Love what we do. We infuse Love into everything we create- everyone whose work touches your wedding should. So right down to the petals tossed as you leave, what’s love got to do with it? If you’re working with the right team?    Everything.

Ho-tel, Mo-tel, Esmeralda Renaissance Inn, If your flowers start actin’ up…

OK so we’re event designers, not the Sugar Hill Gang.  But if your hotel lobby flowers do start acting up, let us know.  Here is a recent lobby arrangement from the Esmeralda Renaissance resort and spa, a great Palm Springs wedding location (or Palm Desert wedding location, or Indian Wells wedding location).  2011 wedding trends are towards the economical: and if you’ve read previous blogs about budget conscious wedding locations like Country Clubs, then you know places that come with onsite staff, catering, rentals and parking can save big chunks of your wedding budget.  And if you’re having a destination wedding, who wouldn’t want to come to a beautiful resort? And that’s where the Esmeralda Renaissance Palm Spring Resort and Spa comes into play. As you can see, we do the lobby flowers each week, and love to work there for events which we do regularly. We have some coming up!  What about yours?  Prom 2011? Destination wedding in Palm Desert? Bring it on! And remember…hip hop and you don’t stop! (oy vey. We better stop).

centerpiece wedding beautiful modern elegant

An elegant statement piece at the Renaissance Esmeralda