Why I Said “I Do” to a Destination Wedding In Palm Springs

My husband and I were planning a destination wedding for October 2010 in Connecticut. We traveled there in late July to nail down the details, and things quickly devolved.  Flying home we knew we had to move to plan B – which didn’t exist.

We had a date that family had built plans around, (10/2/10) and it was now August. We flew back to LA and made a phone call that would lead to Palm Springs wedding bliss. On the other end of the line was Gregory Goodman of My Little Flower Shop . Within a week of arriving home we found ourselves in Palm Springs for the weekend, and when it was over we were ready to say “I do.” Here’s why:

  • The level of hospitality that we experienced at venues we toured was amazing. Everyone we met so welcoming. People here want and appreciate your business!

    Palm Springs: a great place for weddings, and wedding photos! Love the backdrop.

  • The town itself has a relaxed vibe and so much character – the shopping, the Mid Century Modern architecture, and the Rat-Pack legacy would be a fun getaway for all the generations of family coming to celebrate with us
  • As a resort town, it’s uniquely prepared to host events. The level of professionalism was incredible, and we knew we would be exquisitely taken care of.
  • It just felt right.  Wherever you choose to hold your destination wedding, you’ve got to feel connected to the place.

Wherever you choose to hold your destination wedding, don’t forget it’s about to join an elite group: the most special places you hold in your hearts as a couple.  Make sure it’s somewhere that deserves a spot on that list.

Be well, and love well.


I Want My, I Want My, I Want My…R.S.V.P!

Vintage Lace Response Card

Vintage Lace Response Card (Photo credit: blush printables)

Why guests don’t reply to wedding invitations? An age old problem. How do you get them to RSVP? Here are some proactive tips for couples:

  • Leave enough time: You’ll read in books that invitations are traditionally sent 8 weeks before the event.  With guests behaving as they do, that’s bullfeathers. Allow yourself plenty of time, and then tack on 2 weeks to chase after people. Don’t add stress by cutting your window too short.
  • Double check your response cards: There are too many couples who happily seal their invitations only to turn around and see extra sheets of stamps – they’ve forgotten to stamp the return envelopes. Have a second set of eyes check that everything looks A-OK.
  • Enlist the cool kids: Get point people to set a good example- if there’s a family matriarch, see if you can get her to RSVP early and let everyone know that’s what’s expected.  Have your wedding party spread the word among friends, etc.
  • Relax A Little: In the end, there are going to be slackers.  You’re going to have to have your Mom, and close friends work the phones a little anyway, no matter how hard you try, so there’s no point in fretting that your cards aren’t coming back fast enough.

There you have it! Now all you have to worry about is seating everyone. Piece of cake. Unless you haven’t picked a cake. Which is nothing to worry about – THAT’S a fun one!

Be well and love well.


Nothing better than a happy couple! Exhibit A: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Yep – for wedding professional there is NOTHING better than the couple being happy after the wedding.  So congratulations to the planners (and judging by the grandeur of the affair – there must have been a full team) who pulled off the wedding Justin called “a magical experience.”

We’d like to think we do a fair bit of magic ourselves.  Every so often, we get confirmation that our “act” was a success.  We couldn’t resist sharing this sweet email from a recent bride we love, Gretchen.

Hi Gregory –

I just had to say THANK YOU for making my bouquet and flowers EXACTLY perfect for our wedding!! you nailed it! i will definitely write a good yelp review, and i will also pass along the pictures when i get them. (Abi Q did the photography). The attached pic is fuzzy, but

We’re so glad that our bride Gretchen loved her bouquet! A perfect Palm Springs bride!

nonetheless…thought i’d share. also, there maybe some on istagram #paulandgretchen.

Anwyay, thank you for getting my flowers TOTALLY right!!!


Thanks for the wonderful note Gretchen! We love those Yelp! reviews, and also those on www.weddingwire.com.

Have a MAGICAL day everyone!