A Wedding Reception That’s Just Desserts? Yes, Please!

A Dessert Party is a wonderful idea for an event whether it’s a shower, engagement or even a small wedding. (believe it or not, you don’t need sea bass or prime rib to have a great reception!)  A well styled buffet of elegant desserts can be a showstopper. You can go the DIY route, or find a local bakery (like Palm Springs’ own Pastry Swan) to take over. Either way, vary up your offerings – cakes, petits-fours, home-made cookies,


Petits Fours Français : Petits fours עברית: פט...

Live well, and love well



What Really Counts At My Little Flower Shop? Giving Back.

What a week! As many of you know, El Jefe, the Big Man On Campus, our Fearless Leader, AKA Gregory Goodman, turned 50 on Wednesday.  There was quite a celebration.  Alan, Head Designer, and all around terrific husband, made sure Greg’s party at The Fix on El Paseo was classy, fun and beautifully decorated.  Friends came to celebrate from near and far, and the cake was phenomenal, as one might have known since The Fix is attached to The Pastry Swan’s retail location. Oooh, I can still taste that cake.

Al raises a glass to his gorgeous 50th birthday arrangement at Fix

But as Greg told me later, something else also meant a lot to him that day.  He helped a friend decorate a table** at her daughter’s high school graduation. He said “It wasn’t a big deal – some mirrors, and a couple things styled in a fun way” but he went on to explain he felt it had been for a girl who really achieved something.  “She and her family worked hard for that diploma. And her family was so proud – and I was too, and I got to help that happen with what I love to do.”  So for Gregory, an important gift he got on Wednesday was, in fact, one he gave away: help, support and encouragement to someone else.

It got me thinking – Greg gives a lot, to a lot of people. And that’s the secret to his happiness and positive attitude. He gave me and Stephen 150% of his time, energy and love when we got married in 2010. And he gives that kind of focus to all his brides; I’ve seen the tough businessman cry at many a wedding he attends. He’s given second chances. I’ve known him to hire people that many businesses wouldn’t, and to get great work (and great loyalty) out of them. He gives so much to the Wedding Warriors – and to making sure his friends and associates get business from his clients. The guests at his party certainly reflected that. He always shares his success.

So that’s what I’m thinking about today. Gregory’s birthday gift of giving. And it reminds me that there is always a gift to be given that is from the heart. And sometimes it’s just showing up, and doing what you love.

Be well, and love well.


* We would have liked to include a photo of the table. Unfortunately we used a linen from TE Couture Linen that we had in the shop as a sample, and they were upset. We would like to use this space to publicly apologize, we are sorry they were unhappy that we did not make advance arrangements for a contract to donate use of the tablecloth sample. We regret that they have chosen to no longer do business with My Little Flower Shop, and hope to remedy that situation.


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Wedding Planners’ Social Networking Happens Over Cocktails

Sure a lot of good social networking and self promotion happens online.  You’re the CEO of SEO and doing it while sitting at home eating oreos. Great! Right? Well…sometimes a girl’s got to make some friends. Live and in person – not of the facebook variety.

Where does one do this? Meet sympatico types who share your passion for the wedding/event business, and want to share idea, inspiration and business tips, tricks and advice?  Professional associations and groups are a great way to go.




Here in the Coachella Valley, we started a group called Wedding Warriors.  As you can tell from the name, we’re a little more rock-and-roll than your average consortium of bridal professionals. Boiled down, our mission is to educate, to build relationships with other business people, and to give back to the community. In practice, we come together to learn from each other about the business climate in the wide variety of communities that make up our region – and the best ways for small businesses to survive and thrive.  We enjoy each other’s company at some HOT parties (these are not your Mama’s COC meetings)! And last, we raise money at each of our events for a community charity. Funds raised at our April 4 gathering will benefit the music department at Palm Sprinhs High School.

So want to get linked in in real life? RSVP now for the Wedding Warriors April Spring Fling Mixer.

We’ll be celebrating the season at Palm Springs’ most colorful new resort hotel, the Saguaro. Come join in the off-line, real-time actual live, in-person fun!

Hope to see you there, party people!


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