Real Weddings: Rod and Jeff – Part 1

Rod and Jeff are an amazing couple we had the pleasure of working with to celebrate their wedding weekend in Palm Springs- with several different events.  We’ll start this multi-part blog post with a few shots by Chris Miller of Imagine Imagery of two fabulous pre-parties.  All the events for this wedding were incredible celebrations of these two terrific people, and we were thrilled to be a part of making it all happen.  This was only the beginning! More photos to come- ceremony & reception? Breathtaking.


My Little Flower Shop: The blog launcher

People want to start their own blogs. Or at least that’s what they tell me when I say what I do for My Little Flower Shop. Sometimes they even tell me what it’s going to be about, or even the URL they’ve bought. So to all you folks, go for it!  But there’s one thing you’ve got to wrap your head around before you start, and I’m going to share that.

To have a blog means writing. A lot of writing.  I’m strongly encouraging everyone who tells me about their love of meerkats, collecting beer cans or scars from a childhood in community theater to go ahead and write. A blogging expert I refer to often for her wisdom, Amy Lynn Andrews recommends  you write twenty posts before you so much as buy a URL- just to see if you

- have enough to say

-are truly interested in your topic

- really have the stamina to sit down and write in the quantity that it takes!

I’ve prevented myself from about three different failed blogs with that trick.  And you know if you read this blog that I love to write it, but that my posting schedule isn’t flawless. So think before you blog – and if you really want it, start writing!

Be well and write well!


How to keep track of wedding planning meetings

Keeping track of the wedding vendors you meet and options you see is the key to effective wedding planning.  Referring back to your notes from different meetings will be handy, so read on for tips on keeping wedding meeting information organized and accessible while on the go.

Palm Springs wedding flowers

A table setting at a Palm Springs wedding – centerpieces by My Little Flower Shop, photo by True Photography Weddings

1)   Always carry a small notebook and pen.  This is a good rule for life in general –messenger bags have those little tubular holders sewn in for a reason.  Sure there’s “an app for that” but the old fashioned method is the simplest and fastest way to jot down notes when touring a venue or tasting cakes.  Later on your thoughts are easy to find, just flip through.  No scrolling or squinting required.

2)   Use your phone – as a camera!  Before cell phones became essential accessories that run our lives, a camera on a phone was a very fancy feature. It’s still super useful. Capture a table setting, colors that inspire,  or the hours on the window of a store you need to come back to.

3)   Don’t forget to KISS! Definitely kiss your sweetie, but also Keep It Simple Silly! Worrying about elaborate notebooks and apps for tracking information take away from what really is a fun process if you let go a little.  So relax, remember your pen, and plan away!