Wedding Movies We Love! The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music, 1964 Technicolor musical starring a fresh-faced Julie Andrews has such a dramatic movie wedding! In a dark and shadowy abbey, wearing a dress that falls somewhere between nun’s habit and Princess Grace, Fraulein Maria ties the knot. A widowed dad marrying the nanny is a tired plot device nowadays. In this case, it’s the true story.  And such a crazy one, what with singing families, runaway nuns and nazis, it would be hard to make this up.

We urge everyone to revisit this charming tale you may not have seen since childhood. But in case you don’t have that kind of time, don’t skip the wedding scene clip below, because we are living for that veil!!!

PS – if you’re itching to channel the Fraulein, or Liesel, check out this Pinterest board for options.

What to do for Mom on Mother’s Day (besides flowers – a given)

Mother’s Day Ideas:

Not sure what to do for mom on Mother’s Day? Why not have a shared experience rather than just hand over a gift? We’ve rounded up some fun ideas that won’t break the bank.

A Mother’s Day At The Spa without leaving the house:

This great blog post gives detailed instructions on doing a moisturizing hand scrub, an enriching hair treatment and a classic facial using ingredients found your kitchen or the local drugstore.

Ultimate brunch dish for Mom on Mother’s Day

Lemon ricotta pancakes. Just the sound of it makes the mouth water! But often moms groan inwardly at the calorie laden extravaganzas known as brunch buffets. So why not stay home and cook healthy yet delicious treats like these pancakes from Weight Watchers? Healthy and delicious. Perfect.pancakes5

A sweet experience for the whole family

Gifts and brunch are wonderful, but the best thing to do for mom on Mother’s Day is to have the whole family spend time together.  Why not spend the afternoon making candy?  These easy recipes will keep your hands busy while you make memories together.

Pick one or more of these ideas, and start planning an amazing Mother’s Day!  Oh – and don’t forget the flowers.

Be well, and love well.


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Blogs We Love:

Great blogs we love is not just funny – it’s genius.  Jen Yates has been sharing her excellent eye for professionally made cakes gone wrong since 2008.  As she puts it a cake deemed a wreck is “ unintentionally sad, silly, creepy, inappropriate – you name it.” She curates themed galleries of cake disasters – we’re partial to these flowers of doom– , and boy are they funny.  Wise editors approached her for a book, also very funny.  The wedding ones make me shake my head – and hope those brides didn’t have total meltdowns.  On Sundays they show GORGEOUS cakes to cleanse the palate.  Enjoy!

I want a "Coke" cake - with "Coca-Cola" in the middle with a bottle above it and can below.

I want a “Coke cake – with “Coca-Cola in the middle with a bottle above it and can below.