Choosing wedding vendors who are friendly…with each other

Finding friendly wedding vendors in Palm Springs is a must, but it’s also important for everyone to work well together. Why hire a caterer that’s your DJ’s friend? And how are you supposed to know, anyway? Read on.

Why hire wedding vendors who know & like each other?

Wedding professionals are just that: professional, so we’ll work well with anyone. Like any group of people, however, we make close, lifelong friends among our colleagues. And admit it – don’t you have more fun if you’re working with friends?

centerpiece by My Little Flower Shop, photo by Troy Grover Photographers

centerpiece by My Little Flower Shop, photo by Troy Grover Photographers

 How to tell if your wedding vendors work well together:

Wedding vendors in Palm Springs will recommend each other. Listen closely: is it an acquaintance or did they have lunch yesterday? Find one vendor you “vibe” with, and ask who they like to work with. For people you already like, ask “I really want my vendors to gel – have you worked with Bob’s Photography?” and gauge the reaction.

Good wedding vendors won’t be shy about sharing talented vendor friends’ names and references to other couples that have used them. Vendors having fun = a great event, so ask your vendors today!

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