Wedding Video Gone Bad

This video knocked our socks off. You’ll take a look momentarily. First, what’s the lesson? Well there are two big ones.

1.    Choose your vendors carefully. 

It takes more than a meeting and deciding you “vibe” with a photographer.  You have to ask questions, find out their work style, and how you feel about it.  Maybe with some more questions, this couple would have learned these guys specialized in up close and personal ceremony shots and could have adjusted accordingly.

2.    The pastor is right – your wedding is not a photo shoot.  

Nor is it

-a runway show

-a botanical exhibition

-Dancing With The Stars,

-a gourmet dining experience

– a night at ‘da club.

Your big day may include elements of all those things, but at its heart, you’re getting married, and the ceremony deserves your attention and respect.


Be well and love well.


Wedding Movie Of The Week!

My Best Friend’s Wedding, starring Julia Roberts is a fine late 20th century example of an old Hollywood favorite: the wedding centered romantic comedy starring Hollywood’s “it” girl. that formula has been in existence almost as long as moving pictures themselves. Fine early examples “It Happened One Night” and “The Philadelphia Story” have previously appeared on the blog, one in our series one for its fashion (and soon in our series now that I realized its absence!)

My Best Friend’s Wedding is funny, colorful, poignant and stands out among the flimsy cardboard wedding movie copies that attempt to follow in its footsteps. Julia Roberts shines. And she’s still an “it” girl people, even living in Montana with her handsome lighting guy husband. Check out My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Getting to the Wedding in Style: Transportation Ideas

Wedding transportation can mean so much more than a limo!

Here are some non-limo ways to make your grand entrance or exit

– a horse and carriage.

– a rented luxury car

The bride and groom, showcasing our use of succulents in a bridal bouquet and boutonniere

A rented Mercedes made this wedding special

– for the more whimsical, an ice cream truck.

– for the more adventurous, a motorcycle

Think about what suits you, (and how far you have to go) and get a move on!

Be well and love well.