Wedding Movie of the Week! 1939 Epic Drama – Gone With The Wind

Although 1939’s Gone With The Wind, takes place at the start of the civil war, Scarlett O’Hara’s wedding dress would have fit right into the assortment of giant confectionery creations that went down the aisle in the 1980s.

Scarlett O'Hara's wedding dress

Scarlett O’Hara’s wedding dress

But other than that, this film is the type of motion picture they just don’t make anymore*.  Grand and sweeping, this civil war epic will seem familiar- but only because every film that’s been made since has borrowed something from it.  If you’ve seen it before, see it again.  It’s a revelation how much they were able to do in 1939, and a little depressing that we’ve not lived up to the great promise of the medium.  OK, film school lecture over.  Dismissed!

Networking. Event Professionals Need a Rolodex!

What makes a successful event professional?  One very retro word: ROLODEX. Oh sure, you need talent, and office space and employees and whatnot, but if not for your business contacts, you couldn’t pull off an event. We do beautiful flowers, and plan seamless weddings but a bride can’t wear flowers down the aisle, and so far we have been unsuccessful pushing the workroom as a venue with our parrot Max as an officiant.  We trust our colleagues at Desert Bride to dress brides beautifully.  We send brides to the wonderful venues around town once we know what suits them best, and we’ve got officiants in our pocket like Rabbi Sally Olins of Temple Isaiah, and the team at Palm Springs Presbyterian Church.

In short, we get by with a little help from our friends!  We know how important networking is, and that’s why Gregory founded Wedding Warriors: Riverside County’s top networking group for wedding, special event, and service industry professionals.  The Warriors have monthly mixers in the area, and the first one is coming up on September 4th!2013.8.27 WW invite  Come join us and fill up that Rolodex, electronic or otherwise.

Be well, and love well.


Corporate Event Advice for your Wedding Part III

Hot event planners/experts spilled their party pet peeves to Biz Bash, we’re sharing some that will help make your wedding amazing, not crazy-making. Today, we cover our last of the brilliant Amy Sacco’s  irritant number three.

Dinner invites that end up with only passed hors d’oeuvres and no meal. This happens way too often and usually I see hoards of people leaving to go eat somewhere else.


If people expect dinner, they’re going to want dinner!

 Haven’t we all been to that party where you think you’ll be fed and you’re not? It’s a terrible feeling after watching people you love get married having your warm fuzzy feelings for them disappear into annoyance as you watch too few hors d’oeuvres trays circle a room.  Then when you realize the whole meal is circling – that there is not meal, annoyance devolves into calculating how long you have to stay before you can ditch the celebration and hit the local Denny’s.

 The Fix:  Have enough food for your guest count. There are a few components here.

  • One is the couple communicating with their venue in the days leading up to the wedding.  Guest counts can shift, sometimes dramatically.  The people serving your food need to know!  Often a final count deadline will be in your contract, but either way, you need to take responsibility for keeping your caterer in the loop.
  • Another issue is a realistic view of budget vs. headcount.  You must be honest about how much wedding you can afford, and for how many people. If guests are going hungry, it means there should have been fewer people invited to raise the quality of the experience of those who are there. Or, the style of food should have been changed to reflect the quantity needed.

There you have it folks, Amy Sacco’s advice, parts one, two and now three.  We’re keeping an eye on this wise woman!

Be well, and love well.