Seeking a good, cheap nosh in Palm Springs?

Bargain chowhounds are a dime a dozen- but how often do you find a round-up of cheap eats direct from locals? Vic Yepello


Laurye's Steak Ranch

Laurye’s Steak Ranch (Photo credit: jericl cat)

over at has done just that.  A few tidbits from his insider crew:•Appetizer dinner on the patio during Happy Hour at Wang’s is cheap and good. In Palm Springs


•We like the cafe at the Camelot and Rick’s Grill for okay and inexpensive dinner . Just looking for a change tonight.


•Rick’s Desert Grill or don’t laugh, either the Fish & Chips or Cobb Salad at Billy Reeds. And my new fave is the sole at Twin Palms. (All in Palm Springs)


For the whole megillah, hit up the full post here.  Eat up!


Be well, love well, and EAT WELL! Thanks for the great post Vic!



Little Flower Girl, Big Wedding Dreams.

Little girls have big wedding dreams and unlimited imaginations.  Now look at that from a different perspective. You want the person designing your wedding to have…big wedding dreams and unlimited imaginations. Hey, look! In-house wedding planners unfettered by budget or reality! Let them tell you all their thoughts and dreams and stories. And when the wild dream of a cotton candy dress becomes a cotton candy cart at the reception, you’ll know who to thank. With a big fat ball of cotton candy

Be well, and love well.

Flower girls are a source of wedding ideas.

Flower girls are a source of wedding ideas.