Real Life Romance

The popularity of viral videos of proposals, weddings and first dances can  worry 95% of men trying to make a romantic gesture. How are you supposed to ‘top’ flash mob proposals or elaborate anniversary messages timed to music?  Guess what? Real life romance is what women want.

Barack Obama: “… “it’s [the] tension between familiarity and mystery that makes for something strong, because, even as you build a life of … mutual support, you retain some sense of surprise or wonder about the other person.”

 Sure, theatrical type stuff is charming. But even better is the kind of experience that isn’t completely removed from normal life.  Because something more down to earth is something that’s more likely to happen between special occasions, and romance woven into the every day existence of a relationship is the most meaningful of all.  So whether it’s a homemade anniversary dinner, or a proposal (with no audience) at a location that’s special to you, if the romance is of a less showy variety, we’re still going to be happy.  And when you throw in an unplanned detour to that spot, or whip up a weeknight meal, we’re going to be even happier.  What’s better than a guy creating a special romantic night? Knowing that our love created a special romantic guy.

So go forth! Bring romance into the everyday!

Be well, and love well.



  1. Helen Holdun says:

    Great article!

    I agree 110%. I’ve often said a wild flower picked and presented to me for no reason, or a dollar store teddy bear for my birthday, because he knows I love little stuffed bears has far more value and will mean so much more than the most expensive gift on earth, because I was on his mind and it’s truly about me (same goes for us ladies showing our guys they’re special).

    If I’m ever proposed to – I was married once, but never proposed to, it just sort of happened by mutual agreement – all I want is to be asked in a special place that means something to us as a couple, could be the corner where we first kissed or the market we bought cold cuts in for our first picnic, I don’t even need a ring, just something that shows he knows and cares who we are:)

    Cheers to romance and real love.
    Helen Holdun

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