Size Does Matter. (oh go on. Get your mind out of the gutter).

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Capturing the Big moment!

Does size matter? We have big cars, big houses and in New Jersey’s case, bless their hearts, big hair. So, why did we call our business My Little Flower Shop? After all, our events are no small affairs.

Long ago in a land far, far away (ok- so it was the Beverly Hills Hotel) I, Dinah, worked a very fancy wedding with a  Big High Profile Event Planner. Every day ran according to a detailed timeline. The morning of the wedding, something caught my eye. ” 4:30 (Big Event Planner’s name here) Hair/Make-Up.”

Double checking, I confirmed with her assistant that the Big Event Planner was indeed being professionally beautified that afternoon.  This brides’s family was paying more than the state budget of Idaho to carpet the ballroom white, bring in full size trees and who knows what else, and this woman is getting her hair done at crunch time? Really?
The lesson here is that she thought herself Important and Big. We, on the other hand, know we have an important role to play in a brides’s BIG day. It’s the day that’s BIG. It’s our bride’s BIG moment. And that’s why we are My Little Flower Shop.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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And it was written, that it should be in writing.

The most important writing done regarding your wedding won’t be invitation wording, thank you notes, or even your vows – because if the writing on your vendor contracts is not carefully read (and rewritten if necessary) you may be only headed down a movie theater aisle that day.


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Your contracts must be read. Yep – all the little tiny lettering.  Don’t find out on wedding day that you’re not guaranteed the make-up artist you met and loved at your trial is the one who shows up in your hotel suite.  Spell out your specific needs wants and wishes -and put them in the contracts. Don’t count on your vendors to be mind readers, and you’ll have your peace of mind.


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Matthew McConaughey’s Christmas Miracle; an object lesson in supporting  friends who date slackers.

Presumably, you have heard that favorite Hollywood player, Matthew McConaughey is ending 2011 with a flourish; proposing marriage to the mother of his children, his patient, beautiful girlfriend of many years, Camila Alves. It’s a fair bet that while they are all thrilled, some of her friends are dumbfounded.

We all have that friend, who’s with that guy.  The the one we talk about in hushed tones, shaking our heads. Bemoaning that he’s not smart enough, funny enough, tall enough for her. That he’s moving too slow, that he’s never going to grow up, and basically that she needs to move along, there’s nothing date here, let alone marry.   Here’s the thing to remember, when the gang is strategizing your galpal’s exit strategy: Is she happy? If the answer is yes, no matter how you qualify it, you have to let go.  You love her, and she feels loved, so she’s right on this one. To paraphrase the Bard, there are more good boyfriends/husbands than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Slackers can grow up, put on their shirts, and put down their bongos. And we should support the women we love who love them. Congratulations Camila and Matthew.


Camila Alves & Matthew McConaughey

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